Thursday, April 19, 2012

border decisions.....hhhhmmmmm.....

i have been BUSY!!!  it is finally warm and not windy enough to blow me away anymore!  yeah!!!  that means it is time to sit outside on the porch and enjoy spring.  it also means yard work, and getting things ready for planting.  i won't plant until the first of may because even still we can get snow and have a freeze.  strange to think of weather like that in the mojave desert huh?  i sure don't understand why the weeds never freeze and die though.   so, been busy with the hula hoe and rake and planning what is gonna go where in the new garden i am preparing.  i have fibromyalgia and feel like my limbs are going to fall off.  quilting has taken a bit of a backseat.

i did manage to get the large quilt and the baby one done to deciding on borders in time for the wedding and reception for my daughter last saturday.  of course i had already bought the fabrics that i thought would look magnificent.  i even went as far as to CUT the strips that i would need for BOTH quilts because they looked so beautiful in my minds eye. so, i excitedly laid it all out and i really don't think it was what that quilt was asking for at all!  gee whiz!!  was that ever a huge mistake and waste of beautiful fabric.   i found a piece of fabric that may work to help resolve it all, or i may just forego borders....i had to let the frustration dissipate so that i can look at it again with fresh eyes.  i think i just might be ready for doing that tomorrow....coz i know i am still not ready today......however, finding that new piece of fabric has soothed my frustration and has gotten my curiosity peaked.....yeah!!!  i love the quilting process!!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Are you Ready to get Chunky?

  1. Hopefully you had a fun time sewing the 9-patch units together.  I found it went pretty fast if I powered through the larger sets first then 'rewarded' myself with sewing the smaller number sets.  (Don't know "WHY" sewing fewer units is a reward but hey if it gets me going who am I to argue with myself!)     Now the real fun begins.  When you get to this stage it is amazing how fast the quilt top sews itself together- all by itself, seriously just kidding.  I did have one that seemed to come together by magic but in reality it was late night sewing.

My Hints/Suggestions for this part:
I start by making the units for the middle first.  I know it is more normal to make all of one's blocks before assembling the top but..... I have made several of these and don't like to wait.  I make the "C" row first so I can hang it up as inspiration (or it can mock me into sewing the rest)
Then I do the "B" rows (both same blocks at the same time) sew the row and then attach to the middle row.

Again the top grows up a bit and it is easier to add one row to each side.
I suggest if possible that you take a picture of your block/row BEFORE joining additional blocks/rows.
I swear you can see mistakes easier looking a photo then you can in real life.
Ask me how I 'Know"

I have been dying to show off this oopsie, funny part is I didn't see the big block out of place first.  I found a smaller section where I had a 9-patch in wrong.  My grand daughter (age 4) pointed out the biggie.  I 'see' it now in the photo, I swear it wasn't there in real life--lol

Take your time on the chunks they are just sewing larger 9-patches together.  We can all do that- Right!!

The last one I made I did the borders per instructions.  I really like how it turned out.  My first quilt I chose not to border and I like how it turned out too!  My third one I improvised and used fabric I had on hand and I like how it turned out also.  Point is do what you want.  I am making one now that is 2 1/2" strips and I will do an applique border of some kind on it.

I have cut kits to do at least 3 more (in my life time, not necessarily right now)

I am a fan of the strip dies for the GO, so maybe there is a 3in scrappy in my future.  No plans to border that one-  I may do the math and change my mind-    cw

whoop whoop!!!

all 25 blocks are now done, as well as all of the blocks for the baby quilt!   all the kids are gone til about 8 or so, so i am off to get these rows built!  then, get them put together. one right after the other. my BEST plan would be getting to load this baby onto the long arm early tomorrow evening or early saturday morning and to have both of them quilted by sunday.  wish me luck!

posting i can do, pictures, not so much.

i am coming along just fine on this project, but it is getting a bit monotonous.

i do have a hint to share though in sewing all of your P's into the A, B, Cs.  i am notorious for turning pieces and sewing them together wrong.  in this quilt that REALLY makes a difference in the design.  i do not know how often i have to unstitch a seam to turn back to the right orientation.  until i came up with THIS method.

i lay out the 9 P's that make up the larger 9 patch paying CLOSE attention to the proper layout and orientation.  when i am making more than one block i stack them.  because i am doing scrappy it lets me make sure there are not two same fabrics touching if at all possible.  then, i pin all three of the blocks together in the row at each seam.  for the top set for the first row i put one pin in the lower left corner.  for the second row i use two pins, and the third row, 3 pins.  this is so helpful when keeping track of the layout!  then, i sew them up and pin the paper saying what A, B, or C they are and then when a pile is done, i go press them......

of course pictures would help you "see" what i am talking about.....ok, i will attempt it when my kids come home to help since i will be using my phone to do it with and technology is NOT my forte.

off to go make those last (4) 9 patches so that i can then start putting THOSE together.  just to lay it out will be really rewarding!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where is Everyone???

Is anyone sewing?  I need some incentive and inspiration to keep going.  Let's see some posts and or pictures :0)