Thursday, April 5, 2012

posting i can do, pictures, not so much.

i am coming along just fine on this project, but it is getting a bit monotonous.

i do have a hint to share though in sewing all of your P's into the A, B, Cs.  i am notorious for turning pieces and sewing them together wrong.  in this quilt that REALLY makes a difference in the design.  i do not know how often i have to unstitch a seam to turn back to the right orientation.  until i came up with THIS method.

i lay out the 9 P's that make up the larger 9 patch paying CLOSE attention to the proper layout and orientation.  when i am making more than one block i stack them.  because i am doing scrappy it lets me make sure there are not two same fabrics touching if at all possible.  then, i pin all three of the blocks together in the row at each seam.  for the top set for the first row i put one pin in the lower left corner.  for the second row i use two pins, and the third row, 3 pins.  this is so helpful when keeping track of the layout!  then, i sew them up and pin the paper saying what A, B, or C they are and then when a pile is done, i go press them......

of course pictures would help you "see" what i am talking about.....ok, i will attempt it when my kids come home to help since i will be using my phone to do it with and technology is NOT my forte.

off to go make those last (4) 9 patches so that i can then start putting THOSE together.  just to lay it out will be really rewarding!


beaquilter said...

yeah pics would be nice.
I don't have a cell phone but use my digital camera for pics, then upload to picasa and link to blogger. easy peasy

Cheryl Willis said...

I will do a post showing this step. along with my hints too.

congrats for getting so much done!