Thursday, April 5, 2012

Are you Ready to get Chunky?

  1. Hopefully you had a fun time sewing the 9-patch units together.  I found it went pretty fast if I powered through the larger sets first then 'rewarded' myself with sewing the smaller number sets.  (Don't know "WHY" sewing fewer units is a reward but hey if it gets me going who am I to argue with myself!)     Now the real fun begins.  When you get to this stage it is amazing how fast the quilt top sews itself together- all by itself, seriously just kidding.  I did have one that seemed to come together by magic but in reality it was late night sewing.

My Hints/Suggestions for this part:
I start by making the units for the middle first.  I know it is more normal to make all of one's blocks before assembling the top but..... I have made several of these and don't like to wait.  I make the "C" row first so I can hang it up as inspiration (or it can mock me into sewing the rest)
Then I do the "B" rows (both same blocks at the same time) sew the row and then attach to the middle row.

Again the top grows up a bit and it is easier to add one row to each side.
I suggest if possible that you take a picture of your block/row BEFORE joining additional blocks/rows.
I swear you can see mistakes easier looking a photo then you can in real life.
Ask me how I 'Know"

I have been dying to show off this oopsie, funny part is I didn't see the big block out of place first.  I found a smaller section where I had a 9-patch in wrong.  My grand daughter (age 4) pointed out the biggie.  I 'see' it now in the photo, I swear it wasn't there in real life--lol

Take your time on the chunks they are just sewing larger 9-patches together.  We can all do that- Right!!

The last one I made I did the borders per instructions.  I really like how it turned out.  My first quilt I chose not to border and I like how it turned out too!  My third one I improvised and used fabric I had on hand and I like how it turned out also.  Point is do what you want.  I am making one now that is 2 1/2" strips and I will do an applique border of some kind on it.

I have cut kits to do at least 3 more (in my life time, not necessarily right now)

I am a fan of the strip dies for the GO, so maybe there is a 3in scrappy in my future.  No plans to border that one-  I may do the math and change my mind-    cw


Barb said...

This is going to be one spectacular quilt!!!

lynne said...

i got the baby one middle all done. went shopping for most of today and did yummy homemade turkey soup and biscuits for dinner. off to a good friday service and then hopefully home for a bit of sewing to get the chunks together. got some cute fabric today for the borders, not sure just how i am going them though.....