Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where is Everyone???

Is anyone sewing?  I need some incentive and inspiration to keep going.  Let's see some posts and or pictures :0)


Cheryl Willis said...

lol- I thought you were the leader- just kidding.

I have about half of my strip sets sewn, will shoot some pictures and do a post tomorrow- cw

lynne said...

well missy, i have got nearly all my A, B, and Cs done. i only have A5 and B5's left to make!!! and a few more little bits for my small one that i am making for the baby one. THEN i get to get the whole mess put together and THEN add borders. THEN quilt, THEN bind it. all by next friday. yes, i DO believe in miracles ;o) come on fearless leader, get a crack-a-lackin!

Livin' Blue Quilter said...

No, I am not the leader. Shoot, I am still trying to get past the P's. And realized that I missed sewing one of the strip sets.

Cheryl Willis said...

I am behind in posting but will tell you, I have found that starting in the middle works for me. Do the "C" row, make the middle chunk then you can sew the left and rights to it (I like the visual of seeing it come together- lol) then add the outer left and right blocks.

THEN, I make the "B" both at the same time and add to the C

Then the "A" rows.

goes together pretty fast, I don't sew my chunks until I am ready to sew rows- I will do a post soon to explain- cw