Monday, March 19, 2012

can i just start already??!!

i'v finally got my baggies of strips all done and set up for my starting to sew them together.  they're  just sitting there mocking me while i have to go about normal life and birthday parties and st. patricks day stuff still (a family of irishmen and women lol) and...and...and.  today started spring break and besides my own 5 kids, and my 2 grandsons (ages 4 and 2) i will be having another 2 and 4, 5 and 6 yr old join us for the week.  you think i am gonna be getting to get those strips together?  you bet i am!!!  where there is a will, there is a way, and boy howdy, i have the will!!!

we are also on the switch of winter to spring clothes duty.  like that isn't an enormous task in and of itself!  BUT, now that the extra 4 are gone for the day, and the grands too, it is FINALLY my turn!  i am going to go lock myself away in my room and sew at least a few sets together.....there are just so pickin many of them!  and, when i add that i am making the center 21 or 23 blocks square (i forget how many) so that i can make a matching baby quilt to go along with the wedding quilt--oh my gosh!!!  why do i do these things to myself??!!

the big pile of zip locks looks daunting, but it is never gonna get smaller if i don't get off here and get started on the sewing is it???  my problem is committing to which sewing machine that i want to use.  i just got a new to me 1948 singer 15-91 and it is just begging me to stitch with that.  the problem there is that i have to move stuff around to accommodate it, and that also postpones my stitching.....what's a girl to do?  make a cuppa lemon lift tea and mull it over whilst eating some amazing homemade shortbreads.  that's what!


Cheryl Willis said...

my opinion is use the same machine for all the stitching- just saying.

I was going to start sewing my strips but got distracted, out of the blue pulled out my Orca Bay and did a couple of hours of the mindless triangles for the flying geese. Now I am so close to setting the top together I can't NOT do it.

Tomorrow night I hope to sew strips on the Knot, will share photos then. cw

lynne said...

i used the old machine. well, the one i have had the longest of the two, since the 15-91 is lots older chronologically. i figured i wanted to get started! i didn't want to have to switch once i started. i got LOTS of strip sets sewn, half i think, and it was as quick as can be! i am going to start cutting today and then sew more strips. i think that i will be happier with that than sewing ALL the strip sets and then cutting. my arm would have to fall off if i did all that sub cutting at once.....

had to take a HUGE break last nite tho to go do daycare for the grands since the 10 yr old got dropped on her head AGAIN at cheer (competitive team--SERIOUS stuff!) and had to go to the hospital. she has a concussion--again. good thing she is gonna be done with this squad in one month!!!