Thursday, March 22, 2012

progress, slow but sure.

there sure is a lot of prep work in this method!  i know that once i get to start making some 9 patches (today!!!)  i am gonna be thrilled, but until then i am feeling like i am spinning my wheels and using lots of time in the organization stage.

i have all of my strip sets sewn, and now sub cut as well.   all went back into their little baggies.  nice and together and organized!  love it!

i sure would encourage you to do the sub cutting a bit at a time or you could really do some carpal tunnel damage!  i used the june taylor fringe cutting ruler.  you know, the one with the slots every half inch?  but it is only about 7 inches high, so it is REALLY manageable.  LOVED using that.  i cut many sets of 4 stacked, but it was really easier on the cut with sets of 3 stacked instead of 4.

i have started bundling my P sets now.  they are nesting in a basket.  on a little snip of paper, i put P1 and how many i needed.  i put what S's i used and how it looked.   and pinned all the bits together.  i think i have thru P6 batched up and in the basket so FINALLY i am gonna get to make some 9 patches today!!!  YEAH!!!!!!  can't wait!


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Cheryl Willis said...

you go girl. I have been saying I am going to sew my strip sets but keep finding other TO DO's, this weekend it is me and the machine!

I also plan to cut another scrappy kit for later.