Thursday, April 19, 2012

border decisions.....hhhhmmmmm.....

i have been BUSY!!!  it is finally warm and not windy enough to blow me away anymore!  yeah!!!  that means it is time to sit outside on the porch and enjoy spring.  it also means yard work, and getting things ready for planting.  i won't plant until the first of may because even still we can get snow and have a freeze.  strange to think of weather like that in the mojave desert huh?  i sure don't understand why the weeds never freeze and die though.   so, been busy with the hula hoe and rake and planning what is gonna go where in the new garden i am preparing.  i have fibromyalgia and feel like my limbs are going to fall off.  quilting has taken a bit of a backseat.

i did manage to get the large quilt and the baby one done to deciding on borders in time for the wedding and reception for my daughter last saturday.  of course i had already bought the fabrics that i thought would look magnificent.  i even went as far as to CUT the strips that i would need for BOTH quilts because they looked so beautiful in my minds eye. so, i excitedly laid it all out and i really don't think it was what that quilt was asking for at all!  gee whiz!!  was that ever a huge mistake and waste of beautiful fabric.   i found a piece of fabric that may work to help resolve it all, or i may just forego borders....i had to let the frustration dissipate so that i can look at it again with fresh eyes.  i think i just might be ready for doing that tomorrow....coz i know i am still not ready today......however, finding that new piece of fabric has soothed my frustration and has gotten my curiosity peaked.....yeah!!!  i love the quilting process!!!!

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Cheryl Willis said...

you know I am dying to see your quilt. mine is coming along, we have a quilt show today so I won't be sewing till Sunday. cw